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I am a technical writer and community developer at a small (but vital) software company in Silicon Valley called MontaVista.  This company provides operating systems for discrete devices, and the tools to customize them.  I’ll go into more detail about what that means in a future article, but suffice it to say that if you have a cell phone, a modern appliance, a piece of networking equipment (like a cable modem, DSL router, or wireless access point), or any one of a myriad of electronic devices, you probably already have experience with the software we provide.  These are called embedded devices.

I work as a technical writer, which means that I document the technology the company creates so that other people can use it effectively.  In the case of MontaVista, my job is documenting various portions of the Linux operating system.  I am also helping to develop an online community called Meld (for which there will be a link after March 2).  This community provides a virtual location for meetings and discussions for software developers who have a common interest in embedded systems and Linux.

This blog discusses issues related to technical writing; online communities; embedded computer systems and the product development process; Linux, the GNU project, and other open-source software projects; mobile computing; and anything else I find technically interesting.

I also maintain a personal blog, feel free to visit.