I have been accepted to speak at this year’s Linux Collaboration Summit, sponsored by the Linux Foundation.  I will be co-presenting with Joerg Bertholdt, VP Marketing at MontaVista.  This summit will be held in San Francisco in April, co-located with CELF‘s Embedded Linux Conference, where I will also be presenting.

I will be talking about online communities and collaborative development, which is nothing new in the open-source community, but which is sort of new in the embedded space, where I work.  Historically, developers of embedded devices have been less open to collaborative projects.  The community I am helping to build hopes to change that by enabling developers to collaborate on the difficult parts of development, and differentiate their products at a different level.  This kind of collaboration has been key in other markets that have experienced widespread Linux adoption, particularly servers and clusters.

I am seriously excited about the opportunities this kind of community can generate.