CELF’s Embedded Linux Conference is just around the corner, starting Monday, April 6 at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco, CA, USA.  Co-located with the Linux Foundation’s Linux Collaboration Summit, this entire week is a fantastic opportunity for developers to gather and learn what there is to know about embedded Linux.  (You can learn more about these and other conferences on the Open Source Conferences page.)

On Tuesday, April 7, from 6:30pm until 8:30pm, I will be demonstrating the Meld online community (see next paragraph) using Firefox 3.0 running on MontaVista‘s new Mobile Internet Device (MID) software stack.  The demonstration will be on a Beagle Board.

On Wednesday, April 8, at 4:15pm, I will give a talk at ELC entitled Cooperative Development Inside Communities, in which I will discuss the benefits and caveats of community development with an emphasis on the embedded Linux community.  I will also discuss Meld, a new discussion-based community with the lofty goals of uniting the currently fragmented communities surrounding embedded Linux, providing conduits for information-sharing among developers, ISVs, and hardware and system software providers, and enabling people to connect, share, and design software and tools collaboratively.  (Yes, I am a Meld admin!)

On Friday, April 10, at 9:40am, I will give a talk with Joerg Bertholdt (MontaVista’s VP of Marketing) entitled Benefits to a Social Approach in Development, as part of the Best Community Practices track at the Linux Collaboration Summit.  Note that ELC attendees are also invited to attend the Collaboration Summit, which is normally by invitation only.

If you plan to attend one or both of these conferences, please introduce yourself and let me know you read this post.  🙂