demo-tableI’m at the Embedded Linux Conference this week in San Francisco.  This evening, in fact, I’m demonstrating the new Meld community.  It is being displayed right now (6:20pm) on a Beagle Board, which is running Montabello, MontaVista’s Mobile Internet Device software stack.

Update at 7:20pm—the Meld community has gained a lot of interest!  We have gained 2 users this evening to put the total at 990.  I’d like to think we’d make 1000, will have to see.

demo-beagleThe board has a custom case designed by my 11-year-old, check it out!  Look closely to see the “Bluetooth” implementation.

If you are reading this, stop by and have a cookie.  I will also be giving a presentation tomorrow, hope to see you there.