Wow—between work, sickness, and more work, it has been a while since I posted. Sorry bout that.

The good news is that MontaVista Linux 6 is now in beta, and it represents a sort of revolution in the way commercial embedded Linux distributions are offered. MVL6 somewhat closely follows the model of OpenEmbedded and uses some of its metadata, but provides a tested content repository and MontaVista’s new MSDs, “market-specific distributions”, as an orthogonal departure from the board support packages most embedded companies offer. Check it out.

In other news, Meld is up to nearly 1300 members, and it is more active than ever. I will be attending the first annual Community Leadership Summit in July. I will also be documenting a portion of MontaVista Linux 6, to show that my technical writing chops have not yet atrophied. I’m writing new articles. I’m blogging on MontaVista’s site. And my office is a mess, but that is nothing new.