Yes, Unix turns 40 this week. Or this month, or whatever. No one really knows, but it was close to now.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter, because it means two important things. One is that Unix (and Linux by derivation) has been running servers for nearly as long as there has been a thing called software, and has been running embedded systems (where that includes dedicated systems like servers, network equipment, etc.) for nearly as long, although Linux didn’t become a serious market player in embedded systems or real-time operating environments until 1999 (note: that’s an important link).

The other thing it means is that Unix is…. my age. Gack. I’m not as old as computers built on tubes, but I AM as old as the Unix operating system, the C programming language, and—here we go, with no links—popular media stars Owen Wilson, Lucy Liu, Sam Rockwell, Parkey Posey, Gillian Anderson, and Brendan Fraser, who is one day younger than me.

Are these coincidences?