Home now and exhausted, brain full and digesting. I am glutted on food for thought.

The second day at the Community Leadership Summit was easily as intense as the first. I attended sessions on:

  • Elevator pitches, or how to talk about what you do in 45 seconds
  • Community by Committee, which I led
  • Rewriting (and rethinking) documentation
  • Engaging Education
  • Educating your community

Aside from the actual sessions, I had intense conversations with many people whom I never would have had the chance to meet otherwise. I feel that I have been accepted into a larger community of Really Cool People, which is the exact goal of any Unconference, particularly one specifically about building and leading communities.

In particular, I was very, very pleased to note the presence of several groups that are normally shut out of technical conferences by a number of barriers. In fact, I think there could have been more of them, as CLS was not in fact a technical conference, except that CLS was tied to OSCON and thus there was an impression that it had something to do directly with open-source software. In fact, there was a link to open-source software, but it was my strong impression that a vital dimension was added to the Summit by the inclusion of people from other backgrounds. Women were well represented, though still well below 50%. While there were not enough people of color, those who were there were heartily welcomed. There were also a few contingents from developing nations, though only a few—perhaps one goal of fundraising for the next CLS could be the recruiting and inclusion of groups from Africa, China, southeast Asia, south America, and anywhere else that is normally under-represented in the technical world.

What I really loved was the attendee who showed up on Saturday, a day early for a different conference and looking for something to do, who not only stayed through Sunday but also ran a very interesting session off the top of his head. Now that’s a testimonial!

Notes for all of the sessions at the conference are being posted to the wiki at: