Ars Technica let us know today that Novafora has folded. Last fall, Novafora purchased the steaming remains of once-promising hardware manufacturer Transmeta Corporation, which at one time was rumored to be developing alien technology. Transmeta was thoroughly trounced (some say illegally) by the competition and never made it to profitability, and eventually stopped producing products altogether in favor of licensing its coolness to others.

Now that Novafora is out of business, Transmeta is truly gone, and its brief yet shining era has ended. Transmeta was sort of a revolving door for many. I spent almost five years there from 1999 through 2004, bumping elbows with some of the smartest folks I have ever met.

What is saddest about Novafora’s demise is that they will always be remembered as those guys who bought Transmeta and then died. “What was it they were producing, again?” will be heard for countless… well, for the next week or two at the dive bar in Santa Clara. For the record, Novafora was a hardware company working on a video decoder chip, but not much had been announced on it, and now we’ll never know.