Next month, CELF will present its annual Embedded Linux Conference. In my mind this is THE go-to event for embedded Linux – small, friendly, and packed with embedded Linux experts. If I had one conference to attend in the course of the year, this would be the one. The keynotes at ELC this year will be delivered by Greg Kroah-Hartman and Matt Asay. You can see all of the sessions on the ELC website. I’ll be presenting in Wednesday afternoon’s session about the importance of documentation in open-source projects.

Co-located with ELC is the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit, an annual invitation-only meeting place for Linux luminaries and maintainers. This year features several insightful sessions followed by two days of intensive workgroup meetings. This year’s agenda includes:

  • Jim Zemlin with the state of the Linux union
  • Ari Jaaksi on MeeGo
  • Google’s Chris DiBona with what promises to be an interesting talk about patches and forks
  • Alexander Schanz on why your life might depend on your code (yike!)
  • Josh Berkus on community

…and panels on cloud computing and the Linux kernel.  Best of all, ELC attendees are also invited to stay and attend the Collab Summit (be sure to register with ELC first).

These conferences are held the week of April 19 at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco. Registration and travel notes are on the conference websites. Hope to see you there!

Note: these and many other important conferences are listed on my Open Source Conferences page.