I have been very busy the last couple of weeks, using my spare time to help produce a a fantastic book about writing fiction. But I wanted to chime in with an announcement about an upcoming presentation.

I will be giving a presentation at OSCON, O’Reilly‘s annual open-source conference, about the Beagle Board. OSCON is in Portland this year, July 19-23 at the Oregon Convention Center.

The presentation is titled How to Boot Linux on the Beagle Board, similar to the popular IBM developerWorks article I wrote on the subject last year. I will cover all of the basics about the board and will demonstrate booting three or four different flavors of Linux, including Angstrom, Android, MontaVista Linux, and hopefully Ubuntu. I may even provide a short demo Symbian if there is time, as it is now an open-source operating system as well. And of course I will cover the Beagle Board community, which is the most important part of the ecosystem.

I’ll also have a few show-and-tell surprises to share with the crowd, so stay tuned.

Even sooner, I will be presenting on the subject of open-source documentation at the Embedded Linux Conference in San Francisco, April 12-14. ELC is a much smaller and more technical conference that is completely dedicated to embedded Linux in the consumer electronics space. It is always vibrant and friendly, very cheap for a gathering of this quality, and keynoted this year by Matt Asay and Greg Kroah-Hartman. I will also be providing a demo of BitBake-based MontaVista Linux 6 with our IDE DevRocket at the Tuesday evening demo session—running on the Beagle Board, naturally!

ELC is co-located again this year with the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit, as classy a conference as I have ever attended, with keynotes by Jim Zemlin, Daniel Frye, Ari Jaaski, Imad Sousou, Chris DiBona, and Josh Berkus, with appearances by many other luminaries in the Linux world.

In other words, conference season is in full swing. Are you going to any of these?