Regional Linux conferences are becoming standard fare—SCaLE, Texas LinuxFest this weekend, and coming in a couple of weeks, LinuxFest Northwest, a free 2-day Linux conference in the Pacific Northwest. Held in Bellingham, LinuxFest Northwest is now in its 11th year.

Here are some highlights from the coordinators:

LinuxFest Northwest – where you can make your own robot, learn about basic digital forensics, and even see beer brewed through Linux powered automation.

LFNW features internationally recognized speakers from leading companies and open source projects, yet also has a beginner track with the aforementioned robots and beer. It attracts top technical people in the world with a range of educational and networking activities. While developers and programmers will be intrigued, it’s also a low-key way to explore Linux and open source projects.

As a completely open source company, Brown Paper Tickets is a proud sponsor of LinuxFest and would love to help them get a little extra attention for hosting this volunteer-run weekend.

Linuxfest Northwest 2010 - April 24-25th

April 24th & 25th
LinuxFest Northwest
Bellingham Technical College
3028 Lindbergh Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225


  • Brown Paper Tickets is just one of many companies utilizing open source technology – Google, Twitter, Facebook, Mozilla Firefox, Procter & Gamble, Wikipedia and Travelocity are a few others. This is a great way to get hands on experience using a Linux operating system and open source software.
  • RoboExpo – Learn to build your own robot! Serious yet fun technology learning, with humorous demonstrations and presentations to guide you along.
  • The Beginner Track sessions are all geared towards new users looking to get more immersed in what Linux and various open source software are all about.
  • Learn tools that might help you at work or at home – Android development, time management solutions, OpenID, cloud computing, open source car entertainment, and One Laptop Per Child are just a few examples.
  • For the developers and engineers out there, attractions include Brian “Krow” Aker, Fedora, Postgresql, and Open Source Bridge. Plus sessions on performance, usability, security, code, site building, and exhibitors from some of your favorites.
  • Starving students or underpaid writers listen up! Open source is a collaborative approach for developing high-quality software, and many open source solutions are available at little or no cost. Regardless of Mac or PC, you can run Open Office instead of Linux. It’s stable, free software and even a bit cuter than Microsoft’s version. LFNW is a great way to give these tools a hands-on try. Come check it out!


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A link to LinuxFest Northwest and most (all?) other regional Linux conferences can also be found on my Open Source Conferences page.