Texas Instruments has finally announced that the BeagleBoard is featured as the Build-Your-Own-Embedded-System at this year’s Embedded Systems Conference Chicago, June 7-8. It looks like a really fantastic day. This will be the public unveiling of the new BeagleBoard xM, and more importantly get a chance to learn all about the BeagleBoard and embedded systems programming in general—especially embedded Linux—from the guys who designed it. ESC is the premier technical conference in the midwestern US covering embedded issues, so definitely find a way to be there if you can.

I wish I were going, but instead I am gearing up for OSCON in July, LinuxCon in August, and ARM TechCon in November (announcement coming soon). It should be no surprise that I like conferences! They are a great way to fill up your brain with interesting, relevant stuff, and rub elbows with really smart people. For more info on upcoming conferences, see my open-source conferences page.

Oh, and by the way, Maker Faire was a total blast and you should definitely go if you have the chance. But be prepared for crowds.