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Last year, Texas Instruments started providing a quarterly one-day online conference just for developers targeting TI’s equipment called ETech Days. These mini-conferences feature presentations from TI’s engineers as well as industry leaders, live TI representatives all day in the TI E2E community forums, and online live training sessions in several tracks. The summer ETech Days happens this week, and features short presentations from each of the six students participating in the BeagleBoard Google Summer of Code project, for which I am honored to be a mentor.

Did I mention that it is free as well? While it is true that value per dollar is undefined when the cost is zero (DIV/0!!) the value for ETech Days is definitely worth the time you will spend on it.

The remaining dates for this year are June 29 (yes, Tuesday!), September 29, and December 7. Be sure to mark your calendars and bookmark

For those who missed the news, Symbian – the most popular mobile platform of all time – is now open source (thanks Nokia & the Symbian Foundation!). What that will mean in reality over the long term is hard to figure, but one way to find out is to attend the first Symbian Kernel Community Kick-Off on July 8, about two weeks from now, at ARM’s headquarters in Cambridge (that’s UK, not Boston, sorry US folks).

If you ever wanted to rub shoulders with Symbianites, this is your chance, along with drinks afterward at Robin Hood & Little John, sponsored by Accenture. I wish I were in the area to attend, so someone please go in my stead.

Next month, I’ll be giving a presentation at OSCON entitled “How to Boot Linux on the BeagleBoard“. I’ll be discussing what the BeagleBoard is and why it is taking both the professional and hobbyist embedded worlds by storm. I’ll showcase some of the great projects (and products) the board has inspired, and I will have a new BeagleBoard xM to show off, with onboard ethernet, a 4-port USB hub, and OMAP DM3730 featuring a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8, an unreal 3D video processor, and a very fast DSP (demo not guaranteed yet!).

I am a big fan of the BeagleBoard and I hope to make you one as well.

This talk is a follow-on to a very popular article I wrote for developerWorks last year with the same title – now with over 32,000 views, and translated into Japanese and Portugese. Check it out for a preview of the presentation.

Also, if you are thinking of coming to OSCON and need a 20% discount on registration, let me know!

Hi folks,

This Friday is the last day to get presentation abstracts in for the ARM Technical Conference happening in November in Santa Clara, CA. This conference will feature over 60 sessions on everything from technical considerations to business decisions around using ARM products, and it will feature presentations from industry leaders all over the world. This is your chance to be one of those leaders!

Some technical folks I know decline to submit presentations for conferences out of shyness. Don’t let that stop you. If you have something important to share, public speaking can be a wonderful way to get your message out, and there are many resources to help with the speaking part.

Next Wednesday, June 30, is the last day for early-bird registration, so make sure to register now to save $300 – that’s your hotel bill or most of a plane ticket from anywhere in the country.

Hope to see you there!