I have the honor this year of helping to organize the Education mini-summit at LinuxCon this August in Boston, MA. This summit is sponsored by Teaching Open Source (TOS), a loose consortium of individuals with the goal to spread the word about open-source concepts in academic environments. TOS provides guidance for mentoring teachers, professors, trainers, writers, and advocates in the best practices for, well, teaching open source! Many TOS members are employees of RedHat, whose commitment to open-source education is unparalleled.

The mini-summit takes place on Monday, August 9. Details, speakers, and format are still being hammered out. The summit is free with your LinuxCon registration. Please pass the word to all educators you know who might benefit from the summit. We’ll have a signup page on the TOS wiki shortly.

TOS also sponsors local Professor’s Open Source Summer Experience (POSSE) mentoring sessions, a week-long “bootcamp” designed to immerse professors in open source projects, with the commitment that each participating professor bring their classes into open source project participation over the next school year. In 2009, POSSEs were held in Singapore and Raleigh, NC. Upcoming events are being planned for Worcester, MA, Rochester, NY, and Mountain View, CA, and there are tentative POSSEs planned in locales all over the world. Check the site to see if you can participate in one this summer (and hurry, deadlines are fast approaching for Worcester, Rochester, and California).

In addition to the mini-summit, TOS will present a birds-of-feather (BoF) session at OSCON in July in Portland, OR – watch the schedule for confirmation, and please stop in if you are coming to OSCON. You might just find that you want to get involved, too!