By now, anyone interested in the BeagleBoard has seen the announcements and articles on the new BeagleBoard xM. Wired’s GadgetLab has weighed in, and DigiKey has set up an order page even though the boards are not due to ship for another 6 weeks or so, according to the official site at See that page for more hardware details.

(Hey, that’s just in time for my presentation on booting Linux on the BeagleBoard at OSCON! Speaking of OSCON, contact me for a discount code if you are going and haven’t registered yet.)

The news accompanies the successful Build-Your-Own-Embedded-System class at ESC Chicago this week, which featured the BeagleBoard and 11 sessions presented by BeagleBoard community members. This event was the first time the public has had access to the xM since its announcement earlier this year, in Jason Kridner’s Annual State of the BeagleBoard post.

The xM can be pre-ordered in the US through DigiKey, but keep in mind that these boards are actually still in production and won’t ship for another 6 weeks. If you want to get your hands on a BeagleBoard much sooner than that, you can get a rev C4 now from Special Computing or SparkFun (and possibly others).