Next month, I’ll be giving a presentation at OSCON entitled “How to Boot Linux on the BeagleBoard“. I’ll be discussing what the BeagleBoard is and why it is taking both the professional and hobbyist embedded worlds by storm. I’ll showcase some of the great projects (and products) the board has inspired, and I will have a new BeagleBoard xM to show off, with onboard ethernet, a 4-port USB hub, and OMAP DM3730 featuring a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8, an unreal 3D video processor, and a very fast DSP (demo not guaranteed yet!).

I am a big fan of the BeagleBoard and I hope to make you one as well.

This talk is a follow-on to a very popular article I wrote for developerWorks last year with the same title – now with over 32,000 views, and translated into Japanese and Portugese. Check it out for a preview of the presentation.

Also, if you are thinking of coming to OSCON and need a 20% discount on registration, let me know!