Hi all – I have been out of touch this past week or so with the holiday & putting together my upcoming BeagleBoard presentation at OSCON Weds 7/21 at 2:30pm, where I’ll be booting and demonstrating several flavors of Linux, including Angstrom, Android, MontaVista Linux 6, and possibly Ubuntu and/or MeeGo as well. Whatever we don’t get to at the talk can be covered at the Embedded Linux BoF to follow that evening at 7pm. I will also have a BeagleBoard xM to show and perhaps one or two other goodies. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: If you are planning to go and haven’t registered, contact me for a 20% discount code.

While in Portland that week, I will also have the pleasure of helping to coordinate the second annual Community Leadership Summit. This unconference-style summit is a fantastic gathering place for community leaders in all walks of life. The focus is truly on building community rather than the nuances of Twitter vs. Facebook (though certainly that will probably be covered as well) and the event is free, though registration is required. See the website for details.