I’m participating this morning with several other folks in a webinar for EETimes entitled My ARM TechCon: What a few industry leaders will be doing at the event. This is a good chance to get an overview of ARM Techcon before it starts next week in Santa Clara, CA.

Below is my list of sessions. Note the conflicting times – I guess I’ll have to clone myself after all!

Keynote sessions, of course


[SS-TI-SF01] The ABC’s of BeagleBoard-xM
Speaker: Gerald Coley (Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 10:30am — 12:00pm

I am currently writing a book on the BeagleBoard. I am working with the team on an educational initiative, and I am very invested in the community. Thus, this is an important presentation for me, though this particular time slot is quite impacted – too many really interesting presentations. 🙂

[ATC-142] A Source Based Approach to Embedded Linux Development
Speaker: Nick Pollitt (Product Manager, Monta Vista Software)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 10:30am — 11:20am

This presentation by my co-worker and Meld community co-manager Nick Pollitt is an excellent treatment of BitBake. I will likely split my time between this presentation and the BeagleBoard presentation noted above.

[ATC-137] Embedding Linux on ARM® with OpenEmbedded
Speaker: Khem Raj (Software Engineer, Self)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 10:30am — 11:20am

I have a strong interest in OpenEmbedded, particularly as it relates to both the Angstrom distribution’s build system (based on OE) and MontaVista Linux, which is also based on BitBake and is compatible with OE. That said, though, this is the third presentation in this time slot, so I probably won’t see much of it.

[SS-MAR03] Developing for the Plug Computer and Android
Speaker: Dudu Avital (Technical Marketing Manager, Marvell)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 11:30am — 12:20pm

My interest in the BeagleBoard causes me to be very interested in the Plug computers as well – I recently acquired a GuruPlug and am looking forward to putting it through its paces. I would love to see an Android port and how it compares to the BeagleBoard in performance, ease of use, and community support.

[TH-03] The Future of Embedded Graphics Processors
Speaker: Mashhuda Glencross (Graphics Product Manager, Media Processing Division, ARM, ARM)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 1:00pm — 1:50pm

After a brief lunch, I am looking forward to seeing what is new with graphics processors and where they are going in embedded systems, particularly in the ARM world.

[ATC-144] Middleware: an ARM® Perspective
Speaker: Ken Havens (North America Marketing Manager, ARM)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 2:30pm — 3:20pm

Since my focus is embedded Linux, I am interested to see how a traditional RTOS environment handles middleware and whether it is as flexible as it is on Linux-based systems.

[ATC-140] Android and Linux for Embedded Systems Acceleration
Speaker: Vlad Buzov (Software Architect for Embedded Software, Mentor Graphics)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 3:30pm — 4:20pm

Accelerated development and Android don’t often occur in the same sentence. I will be very interested to see up close how Mentor has improved the Android-based system development experience.

[TH-05] Linaro Overview, Community and New Development Platforms
Speaker: David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 3:00pm — 3:50pm

I am dismayed that this presentation occurs in the same time slot as both the Middleware and Android/Acceleration presentations, but I hope to sneak in to learn more about Linaro and possibly meet Mr. Rusling.

[ATC-141] Building Open-Source Software with the ARM® Compiler
Speaker: Daniel Owens (Product Marketing Manager, ARM)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 4:30pm — 5:20pm

Toolchains are a very important part of the development chain. I hope to find out more about the compiler that comes directly from ARM, and in particular whether they are submitting patches upstream and how that impacts Linaro’s effort.

[ATC-131] The “next big thing” to transform mobile devices
Speaker: Brian Carlson (OMAP product line manager, wireless, Texas Instruments)
Date/Time: Wednesday (November 10, 2010) 4:30pm — 5:20pm

The “next big thing”? How could I possibly miss that? Besides, I already know a lot about OMAP and want to hear more about TI’s hardware plans. I’ll have to skate back and forth between this one and Daniel Owens’ presentation above.


[ATC-157] Driving the SoC Revolution: The ARM® Cortex™-A9, integrated, delivering, and performing
Speaker: Ian Rickards (Senior Product Manager, ARM)
Date/Time: Thursday (November 11, 2010) 10:30am — 11:20am

Definitely want to know more about the Cortex-A9 and some of the new boards featuring it, like the PandaBoard from TI.

[ATC-162] Android for ARM® and TI-based eBook Development
Speaker: Stephen Olsen (Operating Systems Architect, Mentor Graphics)
Date/Time: Thursday (November 11, 2010) 10:30am — 11:20am

More about Android on TI-based ARM systems, with eBook development experience thrown in, from Mentor’s perspective, sounds great to me!

[SS-ENE01] Rapid Software Development on Heterogeneous ARM + DSP Processors
Speaker: Michael Christofferson (Director of Product Marketing, Enea)
Date/Time: Thursday (November 11, 2010) 10:30am — 11:20am

I have a strong interest in TI’s OMAP ARM/DSP processors and want to know what Enea is up to. This is an impacted time slot, though – I may miss this one in favor of learning about the Cortex-A9 and Mentor’s presentation about eBooks.

[ATC-163] Why Embedded Linux Needs ARM®
Speaker: David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
Date/Time: Thursday (November 11, 2010) 11:30am — 12:20pm

Since I will probably miss at least part of David Rusling’s Linaro introduction on Weds, I hope to hear more about it at this presentation – plus, embedded Linux is my life, more or less.

[SS-ARM09] DS-5 plus Linaro
Speaker: Ken Havens (North America Marketing Manager, ARM), Robert Combs (Head of Global Alliances, Linaro)
Date/Time: Thursday (November 11, 2010) 2:00pm — 2:50pm

I’d like to learn all I can about Linaro. I think it is very important for the future of embedded Linux.