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I have not written on this blog for some time because I have been “drinking from the firehose” lately in my new role as community manager for the Yocto Project. I am now employed by Intel Corporation, specifically the Open Source Technology Center (OTC), where people also contribute to the MeeGo operating system, the power management portal, and many other highly valuable open-source projects. Intel’s commitment to open source was my main motivation for making the leap.

Yocto is a Linux Foundation project that aims to provide a full build environment for embedded Linux distributions. Yocto supports builds for several architectures, including Atom, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC, with a full build ecosystem. Poky provides the build tools based on the BitBake build tool and OpenEmbedded metadata set, while Yocto adds tools for building and testing, an Eclipse plug-in, and some very nifty features like pseudo and swabber, as well as lots of good documentation and other resources. One of those resources is a vibrant community that includes mailing lists and IRC channels as well as an active blog, and that’s where I come in – I get to help manage and monitor those resources, measure their effectiveness, and make sure that people are finding the information and contacts they need.

So if you are hanging out on the #yocto or #poky IRC channels or in the mailing lists, or on Twitter (@yoctoproject), ping me and let me know how you think Yocto is doing, and what you wish it would do. I’m here to help!