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Catching up on education opportunities a bit:

Along with some free resources, like this white paper on getting started with embedded Linux and this short video of Jerry Cooperstein introducing embedded Linux, the Linux Foundation has announced three paid embedded Linux training opportunities:

Back on the free-as-in-beer side, Michael Opdenacker and the other fantastic folks at Free Electrons just announced the availability of three sets of videos from the Embedded Linux Conference 2010 and Gstreamer Conference 2010 last fall in Cambridge, UK. This is an excellent way to participate and learn without actually needing to travel to the events:

For more free education opportunities, check out this page on free embedded Linux training resources (and please suggest more!).

Today is an important day for the Yocto Project for two reasons.

First, the Yocto Project is aligning with the OpenEmbedded project – future releases of the Yocto Project will contain the new OpenEmbedded oe-core set of recipes as a base. You can read more about this on the OpenEmbedded Core page. 

Second, in addition to OpenEmbedded, over a dozen organizations have chosen to publicly announce their participation in the Yocto Project, including semiconductor manufacturers, embedded Linux providers, and professional organizations, and several of these have also joined the Yocto steering group

For more information, see the press release from the Linux Foundation. Also makre sure to visit the Yocto project site and join the community.