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Mea Culpa! This blog appears to have been abandoned since I took up my new job as the Yocto Project Community Manager, working at Intel. But nothing could be further from the truth, honest! Here’s some new happenings.

Regular readers know that I am now working with the Yocto Project, an open-source project under the Linux Foundation‘s banner. The Yocto Project aims to bring some sanity to the embedded Linux development process, in terms of industry-quality tooling as well as collaboration with established projects like OpenEmbedded and consortiums like Linaro. The Yocto Project issued its 1.0 release at the Linux Collaboration Summit earlier this month, and we had a large presence both at that summit and at the Embedded Linux Conference the following week, both at the beautiful Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco.

Visit the Yocto Project website to find out more about it, and feel free to join us on the mailing lists, IRC channels, Twitter, and now YouTube.

There was much more going on at these conferences than the Yocto Project, of course. The BeagleBoard team was there, and Jason gave an excellent hands-on class to over 30 people. The PandaBoard team was also there from TI, as well as Sony‘s digital & internet-enabled TV crew (Hi Tim & Frank!) and many other projects using embedded Linux. The presentations were of particularly high quality this year, and I saw our friends from Free-Electrons videotaping as they normally do.

Speaking of conferences, I have updated the Open Source Conferences page with a ton of new events, and updated the dates on those that have been announced in the past couple of months, as well as updating the Google Calendar companion. If you see anything missing on that page or any mistaken data, please let me know and I’ll fix it.