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I have updated my open source conferences calendar with dates for many conferences in 2012 that were previously not yet announced. If you see anything missing or wrong, please let me know.

Also, in addition to a link to the Google Calendar version, there is also now a calendar embedded on the page. In the future I may provide this information only in a Google calendar and/or iCal, as the textual calendar is difficult to maintain. If anyone has an opinion on this, I’d be glad to listen. šŸ™‚

NASA announced today that they will be hosting another Open Source Summit, this time in College Park, MD. This conference, which the organizers state will be “more workshop than presentation”, is a fantastic way to learn more about using open source within government. The difficult part is that it is only 2 weeks away!Ā 

More info on this conference atĀ, registration atĀ

For more information on open source conferences see the Open Source Conferences calendar. It also contains a Google Calendar to which you can subscribe.