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Today MontaVista released four freely available embedded Linux SDKs in the Meld SDK Library, bringing the total to five. Each of these SDKs contains a complete, buildable software package, including the Linux kernel, a root filesystem, a cross-development toolchain, and most importantly the MontaVista Linux Integration Platform tools, based on (and including) BitBake.

These SDKs are available for download now to Meld members (registration is free).

In August 2009, I published an article on developerWorks that describes how to boot Angstrom Linux on the BeagleBoard revision C. The article has been very popular, with over 52,000 views.

Today, check developerWorks for a new article titled
Booting Linux on the BeagleBoard xM. This new article describes how to get Angstrom, Ubuntu, and Android running on the xM. I’m thankful for any comments. just announced a price drop for both current revisions of the BeagleBoard. The recommended sale price for revision C is now US$125, and for revision xM it is US$149. That makes it easier to afford some of the recommended cables and such that you will need to use with the board.

I’m off to New York City this week to attend the first Open Hardware Summit, where we will discuss all there is to discuss about using open-source concepts to license, develop, and distribute hardware. I feel like I’m at the start of something big, possibly even bigger than the SETIquest summit last month. Forward, open source people!