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Catching up on education opportunities a bit:

Along with some free resources, like this white paper on getting started with embedded Linux and this short video of Jerry Cooperstein introducing embedded Linux, the Linux Foundation has announced three paid embedded Linux training opportunities:

Back on the free-as-in-beer side, Michael Opdenacker and the other fantastic folks at Free Electrons just announced the availability of three sets of videos from the Embedded Linux Conference 2010 and Gstreamer Conference 2010 last fall in Cambridge, UK. This is an excellent way to participate and learn without actually needing to travel to the events:

For more free education opportunities, check out this page on free embedded Linux training resources (and please suggest more!).

The latest super-secret word on the street is that the new BeagleBoard xM should start shipping tomorrow. That is, tomorrow shipping should commence from BBHQ to the distributors, who will then send it off to those who pre-ordered. Note that these are rolling out in phases, as some hardware is still tough to source. However, this is excellent news nonetheless.

Keep in mind also that you can get your very own xM by joining the Build Your Own Embedded System track at ESC Boston September 20 – 23. This track follows on the great success the team had at ESC Chicago. I wish I could attend – someone take pictures please!

CELF’s Embedded Linux Conference is nearly upon us, starting only about three weeks from now at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco. If you sign up before March 20, you can take advantage of the early bird discount, saving $50 off the professional price.

I will be giving a presentation on the importance of documentation on Wednesday afternoon, and will also be demonstrating the latest and greatest in graphical BitBake-based IDEs on Tuesday evening. Hope to see you there!

The Linux Foundation launched a set of Linux training offerings over the past year. They are now offering training for embedded Linux – along with a free webinar to get you started! The first “real” session is a five-day embedded Linux development class in the San Francisco Bay area starting on March 22.

Go visit the free webinar, which is evidently part of a free webinar series. I will add this series to my page on free embedded Linux training materials. Also, don’t forget that the Embedded Linux Conference is right around the corner. I’ll be speaking about the importance of documentation. Participation in the conference also enables you to stick around to attend the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit, one of the premier Linux events of the year. Hope to see you there.